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        Hey! I found an awesome feature!
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        Mooer Stories Behind 10 Star Product Features: Heat Map

        Here is the seventh story in the Mooer Stories Behind 10 Star Product Features series. If you have any similar stories to share, feel free to leave them under topic Hey! I found an awesome feature! to win points!
        Mooer Stories Behind 10 Star Product Features: Heat Map
        Case Study 1—@ZnWC, a Singapore moomoo user
        Key Words: value investor, long-term investor
        ZnWC, a Singapore user who is learning to build wealth through investment and writing about his investing stories, said moomoo's heat map feature helps him in two ways. First is finding out the best performance sectors or stocks over a period of time, and second is analyzing the stock market situation.

        He showed us a screenshot of heat map illustrating the reaction of US stock market after the release of 2022 November US consumer price index.
        Mooer Stories Behind 10 Star Product Features: Heat Map
        When almost all the sectors are in red on the screen, the user can easily understand that the market was trembling at that moment, and stock prices have generally plunged.

        Although the heat map is a good tool to gather market information, ZnWC reminds investors the importance of making independent investing decisions.

        "You sell based on your exit plan, not your fear. You buy based on your risk appetite, not FOMO or fear of missing out," ZnWC said. "We should do our own due diligence and take responsibility for our investments."

        ZnWC chose Barista FIRE because he no longer has any liability. He owns property and lives a simple life enjoying cooking, healthy foods, exercise and meditation.

        Meanwhile, he decided to use around 10% of his funds to explore high-risk investments and diversify his portfolio with the investment goal of building wealth and helping others. He believes high-risk investments can be managed through learning and research.
        Case Study 2—@Shine, moomoo's product manager
        Key Words: value investor, long-term investor
        Moomoo's product manager Shine believes heat map can be useful for investors exploring new sectors and stocks.

        Investors can quickly identify potential investing opportunities with this feature, especially in an overall sluggish market. Sectors or companies that manage to maintain their growth in a bear market will significantly stand out on the screen. For example, the oil and gas sector made it eye-catching on the heat map during 2022.

        Shine shares a way to spot unknown companies that might worth looking into with this heat map feature. He references the market capitalization② as a useful indicator in his case. By selecting the date range to year-to-date in the heat map feature, he is able to identify the front runner sectors in 2022.

        Next, he chooses the most interesting sector and click to get the company ranking by their market capitalization increment. The biggest mover would be something to consider studying.

        "My investing strategy is more like value investing, so I carefully examine the company's share price chart and make sure the price movement is reasonable. I do not want to spend my money and time to invest in something that I cannot even explain, because these stocks might be manipulated or camouflaged. And that, I check the company's profile and financials and study its competitors. Only after fine-grained research and analysis can I make my independent judgement to invest in a new company," he said.
        Click here to try the feature mentioned in the article!
        *Reading Notes:
        Learn more about ZnWC’s story with the heat map featureAll US stock price plunge after CPI data released...
        Market capitalization refers to the total value of a public traded company’s outstanding shares of stock. It is commonly referred to as “market cap”. Market Cap=Current Share Price*Total Number of Shares Outstanding
        Again, this is the seventh story from our Mooer Stories Behind 10 Star Product Features series. If these stories resonate with you, you are welcome to join them and make your voice heard under topic Hey! I found an awesome feature!. We are very much looking forward to your stories and are ready to reward you with points every week!

        Disclaimer: This presentation is for information and educational use only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy. See this link for more information.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • MooMamaLlama : @ZnWC@ShineCheerleadCheerleadCheerleadCheerlead
          thanks for the valuable information and suggestions 😀 Moo's features are great, but become more awesome when understanding them all and how they link together.
          These stories are great for Mooers to even use as a tool in itself. Interesting strategies  and practical information!!! Thanks Guys! HugStrongFireworksFireworks