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ChiNext Price Index 247% return in 10 years, sure boh?

ChiNext Price Index 247% return in 10 years, sure boh?
Sure boh? How about the next 10 years, any estimation of growth +?
Idk 🤷‍♂️,  but I've reservation to this IPO & so most likely won't be subscribing to this IPO...
Pro IPO chasers who usually made profits 📈 from IPO buy & sell, what's ur view on this? I'll like to know too .
With the moomoo promotion gained back voucher, do u guys think that it worth for the subscription ? I'm lazy to do the math 🧮 as I most likely won't be subscribing... But, I will still listen to others opinions if there is a good point & sparks my interest .
By the way, I'm new to IPO. Can u sell the stock on the 1st day after it's trading in the market ? Like do I needs to wait a few days before I can sell a subscribed IPO?
Do u have any investment ideas?
For now, I'm parking my idling cash in the MMF $Fullerton SGD Cash Fund(SG9999005961.MF)$+ $CSOP USD Money Market Fund(SGXZ96797238.MF)$ & waiting for an opportunity to buy the dip if the market really crashed. I don't feel that safe in holding large positions of stocks now, given how bad the economy may be... $SPDR S&P 500 ETF(SPY.US)$ is so volatile... All in one, I'm timing the market (Do not follow ) at my own risk while earning small interest of return .
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Or u can just joined @moomoo TA Cici ChiNext Index Chat group to ask question directly .
ChiNext Price Index 247% return in 10 years, sure boh?
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  • sociable Dingo_8604 : I’m also unsure about this IPO. Some say not to go into China market now because real risky. But then again, all investments has their risks.

  • Milk The CowOP sociable Dingo_8604: Yar, that's the main concern undefined. There is also the risk of the China-Taiwan tension thingy...undefined Their economy is also not doing that well...

    Even with the moomoo promotion voucher of $100, not even sure if we will manage to earn anything from it = the stock price may even fall on the 1st day of trading in the market (may lost more than $100 overall), who know... Not to mentioned 10k need to be subscribed to be able to get the promo voucher undefined.
    So, it don't seem to be worth it.

    Usually, etf should not fall that fast on 1 day, I guess undefined. But now the stock market is too volatile undefined.

DYODD before investing 👌