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        Weekly Performance Challenge: Which stock performed the best?
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        “Somebody call nine one one….”

        personally i have not really venture much during this period and has not really invested in stocks, as i am still nursing my paper losses at this moment. i am still trying to learn the ropes in investment. furthermore, it would take me donkey years to decide what to invest in.
        “Somebody call nine one one….”
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        • LEGEND OG : It happens to the best of us. Here is a bit of inspiration for you though...
          Patience is a Virtue. Always remember "It's not considered a REALIZED LOSS unless you actually sell at that price." no one can force you to sell. Hold it for a lil while 6 months, 1 year and watch what happens to that seed when it officially becomes a tree bearing fruit. Then you sell. Warren Buffet said it best. "If you can't see yourself holding on to a stock for 10 years or more... You shouldn't be investing." true words by a true Genius of the Stock market.
          Hope that helped!

        • NANA123 : HugHugHug

        • 无名小卒42606 : 我也亏损惨重Sob