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        Unveiling the answers: Identify high-dividend stocks by charts

        Last weekend, 3 of the world's famous high-dividend stocks have come together to give you direct access to investment insights from intelligent community members!
        Without further ado, let's dive into it!
        Unveiling the answers: Identify high-dividend stocks by charts
        Dividends to me are like a treat for me, a sprout that I neglected but grew well by itself.I would normally try to ignore the capital gains/losses incurred from dividend stocks and push through the highs and lows of the market. As companies with high dividend yields have forms of recurring income, the adoption of a mindset set for the long-term is recommended for investors who hold stocks with high dividend yields.
        Unveiling the answers: Identify high-dividend stocks by charts
        Dividend stocks are regular passive income. That’s the way to early retirement! F.I.R.E.! MO is a great company that gives regular dividends and the yield is at more than 7%! What more to ask for?
        Unveiling the answers: Identify high-dividend stocks by charts
        Of the three, I only have stock of Realty Income Corp. Its a nice, boring long term investment which pays a dividend monthly. As you can see in their chart, they are not immune to market fluctuation (they are still recovering from COVID drop), but it’s mostly an upward trajectory. Perfect investment for a passive investor.

        It’s very safe, but doesn’t grow quickly. Has stayed relatively steady during turbulent times, with range being within about $10 for past year. Dividend is more frequent than others. Always nice to have something like this in your portfolio with funds you don’t plan to touch for many years. Since fluctuation isn’t huge, easy to add at any time.
        Besides users winning above, @mooapr21and @101865690also gave great reviews. Your US$1 / SG$1.4 cash coupons are on the way! Plus, the first 100 users who give the correct answer will receive an equal share of 4,000 points. (i.e. if 100 users win, each user will receive 40 points)
        Don't forget to claim your weekly limited offer by winning stock coupons & discover investment ideas. Stay tuned for the next round on this weekend!
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