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        Rebounded 12% in a month: comeback or bear trap?
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        12% Rebounded in a month, a comeback or bear trap?

        I guess it "may" be a bear 🐻 trap as most companies are doing quite badly generally Emm.
        However the stock price movement indicate that it "may" be a comeback Shocked..., which make no sense to me...

        MicrophoneWhich stock can outperformed in a market comeback?
        Of course is $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ . The 2Q22 report has proven itself & the recent price movement show that it is a beast when it needs to be Trick = no time to wait for ppls / investors to catch.

        Tech sectors like $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ , $Apple(AAPL.US)$, $Adobe(ADBE.US)$ , ... may also stand a chance to be in the list Trick.

        DYODD before investingOK
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        • TeslaSmurf : I think it’s only the shareholders’ meeting drive: a quick and VERY strong rise till the split, then a vertical pull back, then a more normal but strong recovery on the Q3 production data and Ai day, to be followed by a fall or a crash (depending on the Twitter saga). If Twitter ends well for Elon we will see a ATH by November-December, if not, it may depend from an eventual BUY BACK decision to compensate the fall, but I wouldn’t worry too much. Just big trading opportunities. 🤑

        • Milk The CowOP TeslaSmurf: Yar lor, that's some what similar to what I think...Emm
          Actually, the AI worry me a bit as there's no guarantee...
          (Welp, who knows. It's Tesla afterall & ppls are curious on it, whether buying it for criticism or for curiosity... so it may sell well for 1st day Chuckle.)
          How high u think price can go up to before stock split?

          & the US & China thing is scary 😨... If it really...Shhh, then it may be end game for the stock market...

        • TeslaSmurf Milk The CowOP: About the China-US tension I can’t believe they would destroy themselves in economic terms. The Americans on one side have to show strenght after the giant errors both in Afghanistan and with Russia (besides, mid term elections are coming). On the other side, I can’t imagine the Chinese invading Taiwan and killing their own people… for what ? It would destroy their economy, erase the global commerce (Chinese industry mostly for exportation) and cause serious internal instability they would have to stop again with their own blood. I don’t think the people would tolerate another Tien-an-men massacre, except this time it could be much worse and not only in Peking. They already are amidst a huge protest for the mortgages of non delivered housing… imagine if all the export industry should stop working.
          Of course the craziest things have happened in history… 😱
          About the price: it should be different from the first split due to the general condition of the market. Less craziness, more fear, but a lot depends on what will come out from the shareholder’s meeting. Anyway, the conditions seem better than the Amazon and the other recent splits as the general narrative has changed even amid an incoming recession.
          I’m not focused on the price it can reach (though I imagine a new ATH for a very short time is even possible) but on the timing: if it reaches quite a high price, it will fall vertically the day after the split for the whole week, losing at least half of what gained from the announcement day.

        • TeslaSmurf : If nothing strange happens, then September could be a good month of recovery with the Ai expectativas and the good results of Q3, but BEFORE that: AFTER it will fall, both because the expectative will be priced-in before the earnings and because the big uncertainty incoming for the Twitter trial in late October. If Elon is forced to buy (I don’t think it is possible, but I’m not the judge) the stock will crash. If he wins, it will rally a bit, and if he gets just fined having to pay just some billions (most probable) of his own CASH, it won’t be a huge problem (it won’t involve his TSLA stocks). In any case Tesla has the 10 billion Buy Back “secret card” they can use to help the stock in case of need. IF they anticipate something about that in the shareholder’s meeting, it would be huge, and a great weapon against the shorters, useful at any moment, as no one would dare a big short with that “menace” pending.
          I will be playing all that with TSLA stocks (options move too fast), TSLQ (after selling any TSLA) and, eventually, shorting TQQQ if there is a fall due to the general market.
          It will be HOT 🥶
          What do YOU think ?

        • Milk The CowOP TeslaSmurf: For the US-China tension on Taiwan 🇹🇼,  I also think an invasion is unlikely.
          However, we already got 1 idiot like Putin & for now, I can't really void out that there may be more idiots out there...Emm
          Welp, maybe China will be slightly smarter than the Putin Emm.
          In response to the recent action, China mobilised their troopes near Taiwan for 'exercising training'...Sweat

          Is $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ history after stock split like that, vertically down Terror? I'm still not in it that time since I joined the US market late...

        • Milk The CowOP TeslaSmurf: What is TSLQ, is there any bull?
          How it works?

        • TeslaSmurf Milk The CowOP: TSLQ is just an inverse ETF on TSLA. It moves in the opposite direction of TSLA and by the same quantity BUT… not exactly, which is a great advantage: as it is not directly the stock, its upwards movements depend from those who decide to trade against TSLA when they see a downtrend SO, basically, you have more to analyse and make a proper and less risky decision. The only thing to be careful to is that, as moving in the opposite way, you have to invert all your logic, so better follow it in a really separated chart, even with different settings, colors and whatever not to make errors. You better exercise on paper first. That’ for when TSLA is evedently negative for a specific reason related to the company or to Elon Musk. IF the downturn is more like general and relevant too, nothing better than shorting the TQQQ which is a 3X leveraged ETF on the NASDAQ index. Nothing more simple for day trading and much less complicated and less risky than doing options.

        • Milk The CowOP TeslaSmurf: Ic, so TSLQ is an etf with no expiry like option Emm & go the opposite trend of $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ . Buy = TESLA uptrend & Sell = TESLA downtrend, if u expect the opposite for the future Emm.

          For $ProShares UltraPro QQQ ETF(TQQQ.US)$ is a cheaper version of $Invesco QQQ Trust(QQQ.US)$ but the difference is that u can leverage more than NASDAQ Emm = best for short-selling when u expect a downtrend when price is bullish Emm.

          Is that right Shocked?

        DYODD before investing 👌