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        Rebounded 12% in a month: comeback or bear trap?
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        A quick post

        $iShares Silver Trust(SLV.US)$$Micro Silver Futures(MAR4)(SILmain.US)$ Flew too high and separated from the Moving Averages, this is a pullback to around 19.2 then I become a buyer again.
        A quick post
        $Crude Oil Futures(JAN4)(CLmain.US)$ Yesterday changed my oil outlook as it fell below trendline, where it had been holding. 75 IS in play, this is bad though, it means the world economies are in bad shape, specifically china, this price drop tells me the market does not believe china will recover anytime soon.
        But you know what really kickstarts a lackluster economy?   War.
        A quick post
        $E-mini NASDAQ 100 Futures(DEC3)(NQmain.US)$ like silver ran too high too fast, pullback coming. it looks like it may burn out towards open or sometime after to reverse up again.
        A quick post
        A quick post
        $Qualcomm(QCOM.US)$  Buy for 4.20 sell for 7 all day everyday, looks like I will fill at 4.20 again! Look at that triangle forming, this is building momentum.
        A quick post
        $Alibaba(BABA.US)$ Bollinger bands are closing meaning a break one way or the other.
        A quick post
        $Cleveland-Cliffs(CLF.US)$ My steel workhorse. If I can get a pullback to 17 that would be awesome, it tried yesterday but couldn't, it got to 17.10 I was a buyer at 17.2, I will be a buyer again.
        A quick post
        A quick post
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