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        2022 Half-Year Recap: Winning streak or zero-sum in your performance?
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        2022 Half-Year Recap: 10 Best Performing Stocks Review-What's in Cards?

        Hi mooers!

        The first half of 2022 is unusual for many investors. The equity market is fluctuated due to multiple reasons. The global economic recovery is continuing, but some economies hit by resurging pandemics. Global energy exports, metals prices, and agricultural supply were severely impacted by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which caused a humanitarian crisis. Besides, the inflation hike exacerbates central banks' dilemma and pressures most equities' performance. By 15 June 2022, the S&P 500 slumped about 20.5% this year, unveiling a bear market.
        However, the market is constantly changing between bear and bull markets. There's nothing new under the sun. Some stocks and sectors still show strong performance in the special situation of 2022. Here's the list of H1 2022 TEN best-performing stocks sorted by share performance YTD. Only stocks above the $10bn market cap are included.
        2022 Half-Year Recap: 10 Best Performing Stocks Review-What's in Cards?
        1. Antero Resources Corporation (AR)
        Card: Antero Resources, an independent oil and natural gas company, acquires, explores and produces natural gas, natural gas liquids, and oil properties in the US. It had proved reserves of 17.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas equivalent, including 10.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas
        Ace: Influenced by the pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, the price of energy increased much on the upward way. It’s difficult to determine when the energy price will be back to the 2019 level, but it’s also hard to deny that energy is always in demand and the demand is growing.

        2. Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)
        Card: OXY engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties in the US, the Middle East and Latin America. It operates through three segments: Oil and Gas, Chemical, and Midstream and Marketing.
        Ace: Same as AR. Besides, Warren Buffett bought the OXY shares, even with oil prices shooting past $100, boosting total holdings in OXY up to 143 million shares worth approximately $10 billion.

        3. EQT Corporation (EQT)
        Card: EQT operates as a natural gas production company in the US.It had 25.0 trillion cubic feet of proved natural gas, NGLs, and crude oil reserves across approximately 2.0 million gross acres
        Ace: Same with AR.

        4. Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (SQM)
        Card: The company produces and distributes specialty plant nutrients, iodine and its derivatives, lithium and its derivatives, other industrial chemicals.
        Ace: SQM is one of the largest lithium producers in the world. Lithium carbonate is primarily used as a cathode material in lithium-ion batteries. This kind of battery has experienced strong and increasing demand in recent years, mainly due to the booming electric vehicles market. In Q1 2022, SQM reported a nearly twelve-fold rise in profit.

        5. Cenovus Energy Inc. (CVE)
        Card: CVE develops, produces, and markets crude oil, natural gas liquids, and natural gas in Canada, the US, and the Asia Pacific region.
        Ace: Same with AR.

        6. Marathon Oil Corporation (MRO)
        Card: MRO operates as an independent exploration and production company in the US and internationally. The company engages in the exploration, production, and marketing of crude oil and condensate, natural gas liquids, and natural gas
        Ace: Same with AR.

        7. Teck Resources Limited (TECK)
        Card: Teck engages in exploring for, developing, and producing natural resources. The company mainly operates through Copper, Zinc, Steelmaking Coal and Corporate segments.
        Ace: Copper prices spiked to an all-time high in Q1 on fears of the supply shocks due to the war between Russia and Ukraine and related sanctions from the West. The metal has also benefited from its role in the green energy transition, leading to surging demand.

        8. Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras (EBR)
        Card: EBR is one of the Latin America's largest power generation and transmission company, which generates electricity through hydroelectric, thermal, nuclear, wind, and solar plants.
        Ace: EBR is likely to expand wind and solar generation, adding to its strong base of hydroelectric dams. Eletrobras is also expected to cut costs and may become a significant force in the green energy transition after privatization this year.

        9. Constellation Energy Corporation (CEG)
        Card: CEG generates and sells renewable energy, natural gas, and energy management services in the US.
        Ace: CEG was formerly a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation and went public on February 2022. CEG producedthe most carbon-freeenergy in America and the goal for its generation to be 95% carbon-free by 2030.

        10. The Mosaic Company (MOS)
        Card: MOS produces and markets concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients in North America and internationally. The company operates through three segments: Phosphates, Potash, and Mosaic Fertilizantes.
        Ace: Its Q1 2022 revenue was up 71% Y/Y to $3.9 billion, with more robust pricing than offset lower volumes. Adjusted EBITDA totaled $1.45 billion, up from $560 million in Q1 2021. The gross margin was 36.7%, up from 18.9% in the prior year of the same period.

        As an investor, it's necessary to remain vigilant if you want to find the best options in a specific period. Past performance is not a guarantee of the future, but it can tell you what happened in the equity market, help you review the current situation and catch future trends.

        What's your opinion to the investment in H2 2022? Do you believe the investment should fit the tendency of market? Comment your thoughts or trading experience about it before 5 July ET, and everyone will get 88 points! (More than 10 words to qualify)

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        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • steady Pom pipi : Continue to bet on energy, but I am a retail investor and I do not have enough capital to bet. I will wait for the price of oil to fall before entering.

        • Deep Value : Fit the tendency of times is needed when making investment. Energy is always in demand and the demand is growing.Thumbs Up

        • Gerald Bryce : Time for energy stocks to rotate out and rotate in sectors  will be healthcare , financials and staples . Monitor the 11 sectors closely

        • 无敌流氓兔 : No one can tell. Short-term events, long-term fundamentals, are now in the middle.

        • chicago4evashiiiit : great piece I go as the spirit leads at the moment go figure...

        • 1994CM : Energy, Raw Minerals including Precious Metals & Chemicals is really important even more in this current period especially the demand is growing & the supply is dwindling. They are literally in every manufactured equipments and vehicles including for Military and Civilian applications.

        • ahgong : Going into H2 2022, among the key market sectors to watch are oil, gold, autos, services, and housing.

        • 1122杰 : A new bird learning to fly, watching and learning at the same time

        • niece : It may become increasingly difficult for investors to find reliable growth stocks to buy. So far, there have been no clear signs that the Federal Reserve's aggressive tightening measures are bringing down inflation in a meaningful way. Amid growing fears surrounding rising interest rates and the possibility of a U.S. recession, value stocks have outperformed growth stocks this year.

        • cuteboyboy : Sharp, countertrend rallies may continue in H2 2022, but aggressive Fed policy, the turning of the liquidity tide, and slower economic growth will likely keep pressure on stocks.

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