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Earnings Snacks: Tesla soared versus Meta plummeted

Hey, mooers!
Last week saw a strange situation where Tesla underperformed but the stock skyrocketed and Meta did very well but the stock plummeted.
We were impressed by the insights offered by mooers in posts and comments. Here, we've selected some quality shares from our community. Enjoy your snacks!
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Tesla soared:
@ZnWC: Mainstream media will only focus on the dip in some key metrics but we may see the return to a global BEV market when the electic vehicle market was Tesla’s because of the new model.
Earnings Snacks: Tesla soared versus Meta plummeted
@ZnWC: Share price doesn't reflect the earnings and only time will tell - the stock market is a weighing machine in long run.
Earnings Snacks: Tesla soared versus Meta plummeted
@puppydip: Stock price has priced in negative earnings and would pop towards 155 to 160 range.
Earnings Snacks: Tesla soared versus Meta plummeted
@Mr Money TV: The new model and the plan that unveil its Robotaxi in August would set Tesla apart from its competitors.
Earnings Snacks: Tesla soared versus Meta plummeted
Meta plummeted:
@Mr Money TV: Meta's earnings was great, but shifting existing resources to investments in AI may cause a concern.
Earnings Snacks: Tesla soared versus Meta plummeted
@Noah Johnson: Once the company's valuation reaches a relatively high level, market expectation for the company's future earnings growth will also rise, requiring exceptionally strong performance to sustain the stock price increase.
Earnings Snacks: Tesla soared versus Meta plummeted
What are your opinions on these companies' earnings results? Feel free to comment below to let mooers know your ideas!
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