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        Moo Humor
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        MooHumor: Emotional damage

        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        As all people know, investors should always avoid emotional investing. But in most cases, investors' mood swings when the market is highly volatile.

        People are not entirely rational. Feelings and other intangible stuff dictate them. Human beings are not able to act like machines and programs. It's nearly impossible for one to eliminate every shred of feelings.

        In that case, every investor must have been through "emotional damage" more or less in their trading journeys.
        Scars don't heal themselves.
        But mooers can always find joy and tears here. Standing together is always better than standing alone.

        Let's go

        @LadyHawk : $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ Come on AMC throw us a Bone!
        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        @TheBigFatWhale : Dad, why are we poor?
        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        @Deezy_McCheezy : $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ Ah yes, I see this may be one of those days where bears vanish (or “decide to become bullish”) and suddenly 100+ bulls I have never seen before pop up, and they all become prophets of upward price action and also remind people “wE aRE hODLING tO A mILLION dOLLARS!”
        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        MooHumor: Emotional damage
        It's fine to take some time off when you're exhausted.
        Just remember to make a strong comeback!

        This week, we'd like to invite you to comment below and tell about: How do you pull yourself together after emotional damage?

        We will select 20 TOP COMMENTS by next Monday.
        Winners will get 88 points by next week, with which you can exchange gifts at Reward Club.
        *Comments within this week will be counted.

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        • Syuee : To pull myself together, I would first accept responsibility.

          Also, consider to stop trading and take a short break while figuring out what went wrong. I will access what happened by reviewing events carefully. Exercising is a good way to de-stress and stay sharp.

          Then, make a new plan - detailed action plan for future trades/investments. I also need to put my emotional damage in perspective. Getting perspective on my life when the chips are down helps restore balance and sanity.

          Keep Fighting Once the recovery work is done, I will invest again. By then, I will be mentally stronger and better-prepared than I were. I will likely start small as smaller position size will help rebuild my confidence.

        • RockyBoy Syuee: Good mindset, keep it up. Take a break when you need.

        • Syuee RockyBoy:

        • steady Pom pipi : Time is the cure for everything. I may need more time to calm down. It may be to take a break and learn more new knowledge to improve yourself. Failure is the mother of success. I can get up from wherever I fall. I believe I can get back on my feet through past experience and learning new knowledge.Keep FightingKeep FightingKeep Fighting

        • HopeAlways : Distracting myself is one way to cope with news or market behaviour that could be damaging to my stock portfolio. To prevent myself from having a knee-jerk reaction, I would learn how to recognise what is happening and then how to distract myself from the market by doing other stuff like listening to music, watching a movie, playing games that are not related to investing.

        • Expendabiggles : Emotion?  What emotion.

        • HuatEver Syuee: Emotional upset is bound to happen when your strategy for investments fails. It is good to to accept responsibility for your failure because it is through realistic acceptance that we can learn from our mistakes and not to repeat them again.

        • Milk The Cow : How to deal with emotional damage?

          I must say is "TIME".
          U will feels better over time.
          Just used this time period to reflects about what went wrong.
          Accept ur mistakes & make improvements to urself.
          Only like this, then u can move forward.

          Actually was planning to write ✍️  essay but my auto log out due to a phone call📲.
          If got free time later, I will add in something more.

          (Time is basically a break. how u spent it is ur choice)

        • Greg The Ape Basher : $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ lots of “apes” suffered irreparable emotional damage and now has a group cult-like mentality always believing in conspiracy theories such as dark pools. Consoling each other everyday with likely false hopes of a “squeeze”. It feels like mass mental disorder or mania.

        • Milk The Cow Milk The Cow: Essay turn out quite lengthy, so here is the linkLaugh:

          Milk The Cow :How to deal with emotional damage?

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