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        Co-Wise: How do you improve your trading mindset over time?
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        to be frank, a noob like me will not be able to improve in my trading skills unless there is proper guidance from all the experts. there are simply too much hidden rules and too much unknowns and too much secrets which how do one even be able to guess and unravel it.
        so stop dreaming everyone.
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        • Meta Moo : you can learn from our Mentor MooGrin they have many useful sharing in Co-Wise activity

        • doctorpot1 : can learn from moomoo courses and YouTube also. A lot of good content there but just avoid those stupid get rich scheme or people trying sell you courses. just go for those top finance YouTuber in a few countries like US and SG. everyone starts from 0 even the experts, so jiayou!

        • Anonymoo : Nobody can. Dont worry, even the BlackRock returns were less than 4% every year. So, always have ideas on your trades. Keep the losses less than profits(have stoplosses). Dont get disappointed if you lose. If this was easy everyone was doing it, everyone had made millions. There is no one who can fully understand the market. if it was even he/she would have started from 1 usd he would be billionaire by compounding. Enjoy the experience and move forward, with more experience your loss vs profit ratio will decrease. Profit is good but loss is even better cause it brings you experience and something more to think about before planning your next idea on trade.

        • IPcandy : I have been trying to learn how to trade recreationally for about 4 years now and I still consider myself a newbie. I have only paper traded and have yet to shed my virginity. LOL I have learned that it’s not a chance “thing” or a simple “ roll of the dice”, and “if you’re lucky” then you’ll score big! That POV is of the status quo who have no idea how smart an expert trader needs to be. Not smart in the way you’d think but smart as in being informed of todays events inclusively. Reading, research, and historical information are some avenues that traders MUST keep up with in order to make effective trades. So informed they could probably write next years Farmers Almanac! HAHAHA
          You must do your do- diligence,it can’t be avoided. I want to know how to trade so badly but I must admit I try every lazy trick in the book to avoid reviewing the overwhelming amount of information to make sound decisions  just to place a bloody BID. In the beginning, I shared your POV , but now I am more informed about the “what”, “how”, “who” , and “when”. The “rules” are the ones you develop over time that YOU put in place to protect yourself. You SET, for each “variable”, the rule and you stick to it. That’s where you learn about the Greeks and Fibonacci etc. etc…..
          Oh man! I totally didn’t want to be so long winded but when it comes to doing this for real the answers are a reflection of how much … I wonder if trading could be another option to do instead of Sudoku?

        • IPcandy : Oh yeah, one more thing I wanted to mention.Statistically speaking, the weatherman is about 46% accurate in their predictions and they have tons of data to go on to let the public know what the weather forecast is for the day/week.

        • Jason Diggs Anonymoo: Love the energy stay positive @anonymoo