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wrote a post12/30/2021 17:03

Cathie Wood says inflation will 'unwind pretty quickly' and that stocks will probably be fine — here are 3 of her top picks to keep riding the bull

Cathie Wood, superstar stock picker and CEO of investment firm ARK Invest, believes the stock market is in a bull run that will continue putting smiles on the faces of investors — so long as the U.S. can avoid a recession.

Despite the sky-will-fall predictions of investors like Michael Burry, Wood recently told Barron’s that the market is “probably going to be fine,” explaining that value stocks, cyclical stocks and defensive stocks all continue to climb despite what COVID-19 and a disrupted economy have been able to throw at it.

Inflation, she said, will “unwind pretty quickly.”

Despite recent turbulence, Wood’s most well-known ETF, ARK Innovation, is up roughly 118% over the last three years. Let’s look at three companies the fund holds significant positions in that should benefit nicely from a continued bull run.

$Shopify(SHOP.US)$ Wood believes Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify is in a position to challenge the space’s biggest player, Amazon, in the coming years. Thanks to its differentiated service and first-mover advantage, Shopify’s upside remains attractive according to Wood.

$Block(SQ.US)$ Block started out as a digital payment platform, and is still among the space’s leaders, but its expanded slate of products — the ever-evolving Cash App, recent offerings for making crypto investing easier, the recently acquired Afterpay — should allow the company to occupy a growing role in an increasingly cashless global economy.

$DraftKings(DKNG.US)$ Sports betting is booming — particularly online. The industry generated about $131 billion in revenue in 2020, according to Zion Market Research, and is projected to grow to almost $180 billion by 2028.
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  • MonkeyGee : what do you mean super star?  she got one pick right the rest drop more than 50%.