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joined discussion12/30/2021 10:17

What to expect from vaccine stocks in 2022

Vaccine stocks ($MRNA, $BNTX, $NVAX, $VALN) generated impressive returns in 2021. However, they dumped in the last couple of weeks. For example $NVAX is down 40% since they approved their vaccine in mid Dec.

I think there will be much more pressure in 2022 since there is higher competition among them, plus more pills get approved, etc.

What are your thoughts for 2022?
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  • Marilyne : PFE is the one vaccine stock that I have shares of. It had a bit of a pull back this last month, but I’m still up about 60% on it and collecting healthy dividends too

  • walaihuat : I think if you compare MRNA vacccine against protein based technology, and if given a choice earlier with both approved at about the same time, more people will go for protein based (Novavax),at least for me. So I believe the potential for growth is still there provided they don't screw up with delay again.