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wrote a post12/29/2021 18:07

$Upstart(UPST.US)$ UPST FY2021 Expected PE was around 70 I think it l...

$Upstart(UPST.US)$ UPST FY2021 Expected PE was around 70

I think it looks attractive at this price, although it's obviously not cheap.

One of the things I like about UPST is that they have a very attractive investment narrative, they're "disruptive" use "AI" in the "fintech" space, etc. I'm not saying these things necessarily deserve a higher multiple, but there is a lot of investor appetite for a stock like UPST which should help support the price.

They're also growing very rapidly and I've learnt it's generally been a mistake not to invest in companies like this just because they have rich valuations. That said, I don't think their valuation is as ludicrous as some tech stocks. This is a rapidly growing tech stock with earnings, which is practically unheard of. The fact it even has a PE is quite comforting.

They also seem to have a good team behind them and they've been partnering with many established players which gives them creditability. Honestly my main problem with UPST is that I don't really understand the product as well as I would like. I know what they do, but I'm not a bank so I can't say how valuable or unique their service actually is. For that reason this is more of short-term sentiment play for me. I'm looking for a bounce, but I'm unlikely to hold long-term without a much better understanding of their moat and growth potential.
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