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Higher risks with stock at a higher price, do you agree?
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joined discussion12/29/2021 15:13

$Upstart(UPST.US)$ Unlike most fintech, they're actually profitable an...

$Upstart(UPST.US)$ Unlike most fintech, they're actually profitable and have been for more than a year now (profits are up 1,300% from last year in the first 3 quarters of 2021). They're also growing tremendously fast (more than 100% yoy in just the first 3 quarters of the year) and their list of partners is growing quickly. Best part? They're down about 60% from recent highs making their current price a pretty decent entry point

Not sure why so many people are obsessed with SOFI but ignoring UPST.
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  • Markio1315 : I agree, they are eating into all their car loan market. if they go international tie up with local banks, can only explode upward. Their AI engine is a deep moat that makes it difficult for others to come in. Their IPO price is only USD 20, which is too low, so future issues of new shares cannot be ruled out, but that would likely happen when their share price shoot higher.