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wrote a post12/24/2021 20:32

The lead time is significantly shortened!

$Apple(AAPL.US)$ Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty said in the latest research report that Apple’s iPhone sales in the December quarter were stronger than Wall Street’s expectations. In view of this, the company ranked first. The fiscal quarter results will be pleasantly surprised.

Huberty found that Apple's iPhone delivery date had returned to a more normal level at the end of December, which "further proves" that iPhone production is higher than expected. Huberty added that a number of data she saw showed that the supply of parts and components was improving last month.

Huberty insisted that iPhone shipments for the December quarter will be "steady" at 82 million units. She pointed out that Apple's supply of power management chips and camera modules is improving, and these components have been in short supply before. She also said that iPhone shipments in December may be flat or slightly lower than in November.

Article excerpted from the US Stock Research Agency
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  • HenryYee : I ordered my iPhone 13 Pro Max Sierra Blue 256GB midnight and got it the next day.
    Happy with it!

  • Evelynne : basically it’s apple confirming the AR headset in 2022 with the new hire. Stock up tomorrow,