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They did what??!!

$Castor Maritime(CTRM.US)$  CTRM has done 6 offerings in less then 2  years this is unheard of and unprecedented.... if this is not taking advantage of share holders and you cant see that and see the pattern then please go back to paper trading....
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  • 71409556 : When a secondary offering involves the issuance of new shares, the main concern for existing shareholders is dilution. With an increase in shares outstanding, the stock position you own represents less of the overall company, and you'll get a proportionately smaller share of the company's profits going forward. The trade-off, though, is that the company gets to keep the cash raised from the offering, which increases its overall value. When private equity investors are involved, secondary offerings aren't as big a cause for concern. Although the big blocks of shares cause temporary selling pressure, the offerings don't dilute existing shareholders and have no impact whatsoever on the fundamentals of the business.

  • 71409556 : Secondary offerings aren't inherently bad, but they do require immediate attention. Understanding the motivation behind secondary offerings is essential in order to make the right move.

  • GhostMPOP 71409556: agree but this many offerings in such a short period of time is alarming and is somthing you do not see any other stocks do.... not this much is so little time anyway..

  • AussieAusborn : What’s the offering price?

  • OldNormanBates : Got your RS wish.. Of course it was going to happen so no big deal, and you don't have to warn about anymore, or nah about it anymore, please. it's done..... Upon our merry way!

  • OldNormanBates : Why don't you go back to paper trading CTRM and quit texting about what you believe is criminal, every day..

  • GhostMPOP OldNormanBates: if people would have listened they would have saved intentions are good people just need to stop following hype and inexperienced traders...

  • Fisting Stocks : I am not selling any shares. Nor am I buying anymore shares. Just going to let whatever happens, happen.