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Q3 Earnings Review: How to grab the opportunities?

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Although facing a challenging macro environment, S&P 500 aggregate earnings are expected to climb 4.1% for the third-quarter YoY. Besides, the revenue growth estimate is 10.3% YoY, according to the IBES data. The US "Big Tech" like Meta flopped with Q3 earnings, while Apple seems to be a strong point. Now NVIDIA and AMD handed in mixed results. The Asian growing companies like Grab, Sea and NIO all shift focus to achieving profitability and maybe breakeven soon. Besides, Buffett is building a position in TSMC, the Chips sector.

Source: IBES data from Refinitiv.

What's your point of view on Q3 earnings? For instance,
1) Which company's Q3 earnings are you most satisfied with?
2) Is now a good chance to own chip stocks, EV stocks, or others?
3) What's your opinion or analysis on the current market? Better to have a trading record!

1) Inspiration Reward: Six winners will be given 1000 points each, based on the content's originality, quality and engagement.
2) Participation Reward: We will provide 60 points for everyone who comments here with relevant posts over 20-word. For sure, any comment is welcome!

q3 earnings

1. I'm most satisfied with (PSNY) polestar's earnings. They have been able to scale rapidly and are really knocking it out. I think of them as amazing long-term but like I always say, you have to have multiple plans and take it day by day
2. Now doesn't seem like a good time for the semiconductor (chip) industry in my opinion as retail sales are still declining and given that it's current Christmas season I can't imagine when sales will start picking back up. Maybe cars may hold the i...
Earnings investing should be taken lightly in an inflated market. As a result of infinite QE, most growth tech is overvalued and prone to setbacks during earnings. growth is obviously still in the forecast, but depends heavily on supply chains and hopefully, legit fundamentals

Q3 Earnings Season Wrap-up and Award Announcement

Hi, mooers!
Since TSMC's earnings results hit moomoo's Earnings Hub on 13th Oct, we've followed the Q3 earnings season for two months. Peace
Many mooers have participated in the earnings preview, analysis, and challenge events this season. Together, we read earnings reports and watched earnings conference calls, trying to get a glimpse of hope in the volatile stock market (and to win more points, too Sly).
Still remember our first event in Q3?     >> N...

earnings for the coming week


Costco stock: 5 takes from Wall Street analysts

No doubt that Costco has had a pretty good year.
For one thing, Yahoo Finance's 2022 Company of the Year has outperformed the bearish market — the stock so far this year is down 13% to about $495 a share compared to a decline of 15% for the S&P 500 (^GSPC) as of December 2. In addition, many investors love the big box retailer because of its fanatic customers and strong balance sheet.
HeySo what are COST's prospects?
EmmIvan Feinseth,Tigress Financial P...
Costco stock: 5 takes from Wall Street analysts
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