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        Moomoo AU information required for transfer-in of US stocks

        The information below may be required when you submit a transfer-out instruction to the other broker.


        *To transfer US stocks, please enter the following information about Moomoo AU.

        No SWIFT or BIC information is required.


        Broker Name: Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd

        Account Number: <Your Moomoo ID>

        Account Name/Title: <Your Moomoo Account Name (the name you used to open the account)>

        Contact Person: Settlement Department

        Tel No.: (02)91745258 (ext.3702)

        Email: settlement@au.moomoo.com


        Additional details if required:

        DTC Number: 4272

        Safekeeping Account Number: 6801014-M-L

        Safekeeping Account Name: Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd

        SWIFT/BIC Code: Not Applicable