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        What documents can be used as proof of residence address

        The list of documents as decribed below are generally accepted as proof of residence address. The screenshot of e-version is acceptable. The name and address must match the information you provided in the application form.

        1. Utility bill

        You can upload photos or screenshots of utility bills such as water, electricity, internet, gas, etc.

        2. Government-issued letters

        You can upload documents such as tax forms, etc.

        3. Financial institution statement

        If you have opened accounts with a financial institution such as a bank, insurer, or broker, you may request a recent account statement which normally shows your name and address on the front page.

        4. Proof of residential documents

        Photos or screenshots of documents such as property ownership certificates, mortgage statements can be used as valid proof of address. 


        ● A validproof of residence address should include the name, address, issue date, and issuer.

        ● A validproof of residence address should be dated within the last three months.