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        OCC risk disclosure

        I acknowledge that:

        1. I have received and carefully read each section of, and the supplements to, the Options Clearing Corporation ("OCC") document "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options" (the "OCC Risk Disclosure Document") below;

          1) Characteristics & Risks of Standardized Options

          2) October 2018 Supplement

        2. I have received and carefully read the "Special Statement for Uncovered Option Writers" (set forth below);

        3. I understand the OCC Risk Disclosure Document and the "Special Statement for Uncovered Option Writers" and that are in a language I fully understand; and

        4. If there is any aspect of the OCC Risk Disclosure Document or the "Special Statement for Uncovered Option Writers" that I do not understand, I shall consult my independent adviser and obtain a full understanding of such term(s).

        Special Statement for Uncovered Option Writers

        There are special risks associated with uncovered option writing which expose the investor to potentially significant loss. Therefore, this type of strategy may not be suitable for all customers approved for options transactions.

        1. The potential loss of uncovered call writing is unlimited. The writer of an uncovered call is in an extremely risky position, and may incur large losses if the value of the underlying instrument increases above the exercise price.

        2. As with writing uncovered calls, the risk of writing uncovered put options is substantial. The writer of an uncovered put option bears a risk of loss if the value of the underlying instrument declines below the exercise price. Such loss could be substantial if there is a significant decline in the value of the underlying instrument.

        3. Uncovered option writing is thus suitable only for the knowledgeable investor who understands the risks, has the financial capacity and willingness to incur potentially substantial losses, and has sufficient liquid assets to meet applicable margin requirements. In this regard, if the value of the underlying instrument moves against an uncovered writer's options position, the investor's broker may request significant additional margin payments. If an investor does not make such margin payments, the broker may liquidate stock or options positions in the investor's account, with little or no prior notice in accordance with the investor's margin agreement.

        4. For combination writing, where the investor writes both a put and a call on the same underlying instrument, the potential risk is unlimited.

        5. If a secondary market in options were to become unavailable, investors could not engage in closing transactions, and an option writer would remain obligated until expiration or assignment.

        6. The writer of an American-style option is subject to being assigned an exercise at any time after he has written the option until the option expires. By contrast, the writer of a European-style option is subject to exercise assignment only during the exercise period.

        NOTE: It is expected that you will read the booklet entitled CHARACTERISTICS AND RISKS OF STANDARDIZED OPTIONS available from your broker. In particular your attention is directed to the chapter entitled Risks of Buying and Writing Options. This statement is not intended to enumerate all of the risks entailed in writing uncovered options.

        Risks of Trading Equity Options and Terms and Conditions for Trading Equity Options

        Customers trading equity options understand and agree to the following:

        1. Customer understands that trading equity options is highly speculative in nature and involves a high degree of risk.

        2. Customer acknowledges that Customer has read and fully understands (a) the current Options Clearing Corporation ("OCC") disclosure document "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options" (the "OCC Document") and (b) the "Special Statement for Uncovered Option Writers." Customer agrees to seek clarification of any term, condition or risk contained in either of these documents prior to making such acknowledgment to Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd.  (「moomo SG」).

        3. Customer is financially able to undertake the risks associated with trading equity options and withstand any losses incurred in connection with such trading (including the total loss of premiums paid by Customer for long put and call options, margin requirements for short put and call options, and transaction costs).

        4. Among the risks Customer acknowledges are:

          1) option contracts are traded for a specified period of time and have no value after expiration;

          2) trading halts in the underlying security, or other trading conditions (for example, volatility, liquidity, systems failures) may cause the trading market for an option (or all options) to be unavailable, in which case, the holder or writer of an option would not be able to engage in a closing transaction and an option writer would remain obligated until expiration or assignment. moomo SG's systems are electronic systems and are, therefore, subject to unavailability. Customer represents that he or she has alternate trading arrangements for the placement of Customer's orders and shall use such arrangements in the event that the moomo SG systems become unavailable. Although

        5. Moomo SG's systems are designed to perform certain automatic functions, moomo SG does not warrant that its systems will perform as designed. Moomoo SG will not have any liability to Customer for losses or damages that result from such failures of performance or unavailability. Subject to the foregoing, Customer acknowledges that the moomo SG's systems are designed to automatically liquidate Customer positions if Customer's account equity is not sufficient to meet margin requirements.

        6. Customer has reviewed and understands the applicable margin requirements for trading equity options.

        7. Each equity option transaction entered into is subject to the rules and regulations of the Securities & Exchange Commission ("SEC"), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA"), the OCC, the self-regulatory organizations that regulate moomo SG and, the relevant options exchanges. Customer is aware of and agrees to be bound by the rules applicable to the trading of options contracts promulgated by the SEC, FINRA, the OCC and the self- regulatory organizations that regulate moomo SG and the relevant options exchanges.

        8. Equity options traded in the US are issued by the OCC.

        9. Customer is aware of and agrees not to, alone or in concert with others, exceed the position and exercise limits imposed by FINRA or by other exchange rules and regulations, including but not limited to FINRA Rules 2360(b) (3) and (4).

        10. With certain exceptions, moomo SG will not execute a Customer order to purchase an equity option if Customer does not have equity in its account at least equal to the full purchase price of a put or call option (equity options may not be purchased on margin).

        11. Customer shall comply with moomo SG margin requirements in connection with Customer's sale of put and call options.

        12. Customer understands that OCC assigns exercises to clearing firms and Customer acknowledges that the Customer has read and understands the description of the OCC assignment procedures available on request from the OCC as set forth in Chapter VIII of the OCC Document. Customer acknowledges that, upon assignment, Customer shall be required:

          1) in the case of an equity option, to deliver or accept the required number of shares of the underlying security, or

          2) in the case of an equity index option, to pay or receive the settlement price, in cash.

        Customer understands that it may not receive notice of an assignment from moomo SG until one or more days following the date of the initial assignment by OCC to moomo SG and that the lack of such notice creates a special risk for uncovered writers of physical delivery call stock options. Customer acknowledges that it has read and understands this risk as described in Chapters VIII and X of the OCC Document.

        13. Customer is responsible for entering an offsetting transaction to close out a Customer position, or to exercise an equity option by written e-mail instruction to moomo SG prior to the expiration date, and Customer's failure to do so may result in the equity option expiring worthless, regardless of the monetary value of the equity option on its expiration date.

        14. If, prior to expiration of an option contract, Customer does not have sufficient equity to meet the initial margin requirement for the purchase or sale of the underlying security (the higher of moomo SG's "house" margin requirements or margin requirements mandated by exchanges or regulators), then moomo SG shall have the option, at its discretion, to:

          1) decline to purchase or sell such underlying security for the customer's behalf (e.g., by filing a Contrary Exercise Notice): OR

          2) exercise the option and liquidate the underlying security position which results from the exercise of the option contract.

        If Customer violates the moomo SG Customer Agreement by failing to close out an open option position prior to expiration, which creates a margin deficiency (e.g., upon exercise or automatic exercise of the option), then Customer shall be liable for resulting losses and costs and shall not be entitled to any profits or gains.

        15. In connection with the exercise of a long put option that results in a short position in the underlying stock, Customer acknowledges that:

          1) short sales may only be effected in a margin account and are subject to initial and maintenance margin requirements; and

          2) if moomo SG is unable to borrow such stock on Customer's behalf or if a lender subsequently issues a recall notice for such stock, then moomo SG, without notice to Customer, is authorized by Customer to cover Customer's short position by purchasing stock on the open market at the then current market price and Customer agrees that it shall be liable for any resulting losses and all associated costs incurred by moomo SG. As noted above, the market value of short stock is treated as a debit item to Customer's moomo SG margin account.

        16. In the event that you are holding a call spread (long and short calls in the same underlying) prior to an ex-dividend date in the underlying, and if you have not liquidated the spread or exercised the long call(s), moomo SG reserves the right to

          1) exercise some or all of the long call(s); and/or

          2) liquidate (i.e., close out) some or all of the spreads -- if moomo SG, in its sole discretion, anticipates that: a)the short call(s) is (are) likely to be assigned; and b)your account would not have sufficient equity to satisfy the liability to pay the dividend or to satisfy margin requirements generally.

        In the event that moomo SG exercises the long call(s) in this scenario and you are not assigned on the short call(s), you could suffer losses. Likewise, if moomo SG liquidates some or all of your spread position you may suffer losses or incur an investment result that was not your objective. In order to avoid this scenario, you should carefully review your option positions and your account equity prior to any ex-dividend date of the underlying and you should manage your risk and your account accordingly.