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        1. Leveraged Forex Fees (in SGD)

        Account openingSGD 0
        Fund deposit/withdrawal*SGD 0
        Platform feeSGD 0
        Commission feeSGD 0
        Phone tradesSGD 0 (only for close-out orders during system downtime)

        * Zero withdrawal fees only apply to under SGD 200,000 fast transfers to any SG Banks. Where amounts exceed SGD 200,000, zero withdrawal fees only apply to DBS/POSB Bank transfer. For more information, please refer to our support page.


        2. Floating Spread

        Moomoo SG offers floating spread on forex. The spread may however fluctuate depending on market volatility and availability liquidity.


        3. Swaps

        To view swap charges, go to moomoo app - markets - forex - Tradable section - choose your currency pair - click the icon "Details" to view.