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Details of P/L Analysis

1. Your Stock P/L is calculated in the following way:

P/L = Trading P/L – Transaction Fee + Cash Dividend – Stock Borrowing Fee

a. Trading P/L = Ending Market Value – Starting Market Value + Stock Sell + Stock Transfer Out – Stock Buy – Stock Transfer In

b. Transaction Fee: Includes pass-through fees such as settlement fees and trading fees charged by the exchange, as well as commissions and platform fees charged by Moomoo SG. For more details, please go to My Fees.

c. Cash Dividend: All stock dividends from a specific stock.

d. Stock Borrowing Fee: All stock borrowing fees resulting from trading a specific stock.

e. Other Fees: Any other type of trading fees that are not listed above.


2. P/L on futures

a. Total Profit: total profit on all profit-making contracts (including fees).

b. Total Loss: total loss on all loss-making contracts (including fees).

c. Unrealized P/L:  total P/L on open contracts (including fees).

d. Realized P/L:  total P/L on closed contracts (including fees).

e. Total P/L = Total Profit + Total Loss = Unrealized P/L + Realized P/L