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        Explanation of risk status and margin mechanism of forex accounts

        For forex accounts, there are Initial Margin (IM) and Maintenance Margin (MM). They represent funds required to hold positions and place pending orders.

        Initial Margin (IM) which is equal to Maintenance Margin (MM): A good faith deposit required

        in the customer’s account to initiate a new position. The minimum amount of Equity Balance

        that must be maintained in the customer's account in order to hold the positions.

        A Margin Call occurs when your Equity Balance (ledger Balance +/- unrealised Profit/Losses) falls below the IM=MM level.

        When your account is on Margin Call:

        ● You will be notified to top up sufficient funds to return the equity balance to the Initial Margin level.

        ● The margin call notification will be made by an SMS notification and/or email registered with Moomoo SG.

        ● Please ensure that your contact details are updated to avoid any miscommunication.

        While we do our best to notify you of margin calls, in the event you are not notified, Moomoo SG reserves the right to liquidate any position(s) without prior notice.