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        What is Time in force

        When placing an order, investors can set its validity period, i.e., time in force. If the order is not fully filled within the entire time in force, it will be automatically cancelled by the system after expiration.

        ● Time in force applies to: limit orders, stop limit orders, and stop orders.

        ● Time in force includes: Day, Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC), and Good-Till-Date (GTD).

        1. Day

        The order is active until the end of relevant trading session on the day it is placed. Unfilled orders will be cancelled afterwards.

        2. GTC

        The order is active until it is fully filled, cancelled, or fails. Investors can place a pending order at an ideal price in advance.

        3. GTD

        The order is active until the market close on a specified date, unless it is fully filled, cancelled, or fails. If the specified date is a non-trading day, the order will be cancelled by the market open on the next trading day.