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How to trade leveraged foreign exchange

You can trade leveraged foreign exchange (“forex”) just by following the three steps below: opening a forex account, transferring funds, and placing an order. Here is how you can do it:

1. Open a forex account

Currently, you must have a Moomoo SG universal account before you can open a forex account.

To open a forex account, you can:

a. search for a currency pair code, such as“EURUSD”, in the search box, and go to its quotes page; 

b. tap the“Trade” button in the bottom left corner of the page to open an account.

2. Transfer funds

Currently, you can deposit or withdraw funds in or from your forex account only via“Cash Transfer”.

With “Cash Transfer”, you can transfer funds from your securities account to your forex account so that you can trade. The funds transferred will be posted to your account in real time, without any service fee.

To transfer funds, you can: On mobile app, tap「Accounts > Transfers > Cash Transfer > Moomoo Singapore Cash Transfer > Select USD > Forex Account」

3. Place an order

3.1 Place an order to open a position

You can open a position on the“Trade” page. To do so, you can:

● or go to the quotes page of a certain currency pair, and tap“Open”in the bottom left corner to access the “Trade” page;

3.2 Place an order to close a position

You can close a position also on the “Trade” page. To do so, you can:

● go to the quotes page of a certain currency pair, tap“Close”in the bottom left corner to access the“Trade”page, and select the position that you want to close; 

● or select a certain forex position, and tap “Close”or“Take Profit/ Stop Loss” below to access the“Trade”page.