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About Annualized Yield

1. Simulated return

The simulated return on a portfolio in N year(s) or N month(s) is calculated based on the rise and fall of the portfolio in the designated period to help investors evaluate its return. The simulated return and the trend line are calculated based on the historical data of the selected funds and their weightings. If the starting date of the period you choose is earlier than the launch of the portfolio, the calculation is based on the presupposition that you start investing on the starting date; the subscription and redemption fees are not deducted from the figure. The selected funds and their weightings will change according to an actual or simulated adjustment. Suppose an adjustment is made; the related funds' subscription and redemption prices are their NAVs on that day, and the simulated return is calculated accordingly.

2. Simulated annualized yield

The simulated annualized yield of a portfolio helps investors evaluate its yield. This figure is the annualized average return of the portfolio’s NAV in the past N natural days, showing how the portfolio has been doing.

N-Year Simulated Annualized Yield (%) = N-Year Total Return / Number of Natural Days x 365 x 100%

3. Period of calculation

The simulated return and annualized yield are calculated upon the update of the selected funds’ NAVs. N-year refers to the period from the day N year(s) ago to now. E.g., suppose the latest update was on March 1, 2020; then 1-year refers to the period between March 1, 2019 and March 1, 2020.