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        How can I find proof of payment for Bigpay transfer

        After a successful Bigpay transfer, you are required to provide moomoo SG with a proof of payment for us to verify whether the money is transferred from your own Bigpay account.

        1. Obtain Proof of Payment for BigPay Transfer

        Follow steps below to obtain the proof of payment.

        1) Log in to your Bigpay account, and go to "Analytics"

        2) Tap  button 

        3) Choose your transfer date and select "Done"

        2. Email Us Your Proof of Payment

        1) Send your proof of payment in the form of screenshot or PDF file to clientservice@sg.moomoo.com via email

        2) Subject line of the email should be 「Bigpay Proof of Payment + your moomoo ID」. For example, "Bigpay Proof of Payment 123456789".

        3. Accepted Proof of Payment for BigPay Transfer