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        Limited-Time Mission - Subscribe Fund

        Event Period

        Sep 29 to Dec 31, 2022.


        This event is only applicable to users who meet certain conditions.

        Task Description

        Invest S$1000 or above into any funds (including money market funds, equity funds, bond funds, etc.)

        Validity Period

        The user shall complete the task within 24 hours after receiving the task. In the case of a non-trading day, the time limit will be extended accordingly. Please note that the actual time limit shall be determined by the countdown shown on the event page.


        A S$2 cash coupon will be awarded. The cash coupon can be used to redeem cash directly without executing a transaction. The cash redeemed will appear in your brokerage account within 3 trading days.

        More on the event

        The rewards will automatically appear in your account after the fund shares have been confirmed. 


        No content herein shall be considered an offer, solicitation or recommendation for the purchase or sale of securities, futures, funds or other investment products. Please consult your financial adviser as to the suitability of any investment if necessary. We reserve the right to modify the T&Cs without giving prior notice and the right to interpret the event rules.