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        2022 Autumn Moomoo Investment outlook

        Campaign period:

        00:00 on September 22, 2022- 00:00 on September 25, 2022

        Campaign participants:

        moomoo users

        During the campaign period,click 'Sign Up' at the bottom of the event page for signing up the webinar successfully, to get 600 points,a 3-Day 20% Fund Coupon and an SGD 5 Fund Cash Coupon.

        Note: Only users who enter the page during the event and sign up the webinar successfully can get the rewards.

        Rewards for successfully signing up for 2022 Autumn Moomoo Investment outlook are as follow:

        【Points】will be issued immediately after the successful sign-up, can be used to redeem gifts in the "Rewards Club"

        【3-Day 20% Fund Coupon】

        1. Replenishment cycle: 3 days;

        2. Replenishment interest rate: 20%;

        3. Starting amount:  1000 SGD;

        4. Interest rate increase principal limit:  5000 SGD;

        5. Scope of use: applicable to all funds on Money Plus;

        6. Validity period: 30 days from the date of issuance.

        【SGD 5 Fund Cash Coupon】

        1. Threshold amount: 2000 SGD;

        2. Scope of use: applicable to all funds on Money Plus;

        You will receive an 5 SGD cash fee reduction from the event after completing your subscription with fund cash coupon.

        3. Validity period is 30 days from the date of issuance.

        4. After using the fund cash coupon, the reduction amount will be issued to your securities account within 3 trading days after the subscription order is confirmed. The cashback amount can be viewed in「Transaction - Securities Account - Funds Details」after it is received.