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        How to use moomoo token

        Moomoo Token is a mobile product launched to protect the transaction security of user accounts. When moomoo Token is enabled, the moomoo client will verify the dynamic password of the token while verifying the customer's transaction password during transactions. To use moomoo Token, two steps of account binding and token activation are required.

        1. Account binding

        Bind the moomoo account to the token application. After binding, you can see the dynamically generated 6-digit token password on the moomoo token;

        Moomoo mobile terminal users can bind through moomoo authorization. After logging in to moomoo, click "Me"-"Settings"-"Account and Security"-"moomoo Token" to start the binding operation.

        1.1 Before binding:

        1.2 After binding:

        You can see the bound status in moomoo:

        2. Enable token

        Token protection is enabled on the moomoo client, and the customer’s transaction password and token code will be verified during transactions after activation;

        Moomoo mobile terminal users can choose to activate moomoo Token through moomoo, and then click "Me"-"Settings"-"Account and Security"-"moomoo Token" to activate.

        2.1 Before enabling:

        2.2 After enabling:

        If you want to stop using the moomoo token, you can deactivate the token on the moomoo client.

        3. Unbind the token

        For already bound tokens, you can unbind, and only unbind tokens in the inactive state.

        Moomoo mobile users click "Me"-"Settings"-"Account and Security"-"moomoo Token" in turn to unbind the token.