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How to set up DDA

To deposit funds instantly via DDA, you need to link at least one bank account. You can link your bank account by following the steps below.

1. Link your bank account on your moomoo app

1) If you haven’t linked any bank account before, please log in to your moomoo app, and go to Trade > Deposit > Instant Deposit via DDA to link your bank account.


you can also go to Trade > More > Bank Account > Add a Bank Account > Link via DDA.

2) Select your bank, tap Next, and you will go to the online banking page of the bank.

2. Log in to your online banking account and submit an application

1) On the online banking page, log in to your online banking account.

Tip: Please log in to your own online banking account. You will fail if you try to link others' bank account.

2) Select the bank account you want to link and submit the authorization request.

3) Once the application is submitted, the process of linking your bank account is completed.

If the bank account to be linked is successfully verified, you can immediately initiate an instant deposit via DDA. For more details about how to deposit funds instantly via DDA, please refer to How to initiate instant deposit via DDA

3. Upload your bank statement under certain circumstances

Under certain circumstances where we need to verify your bank account information for the security of your account, you may need to provide us with the bank statement of your bank account after submitting the authorization request.

If you don't have a bank statement for now, you can tap Submit Later. Once you get your bank statement, you can go to Trade > More > Bank Account > Verify to upload it.

You will also be prompted to upload your bank statement by in-app notification. Then you can tap the link in the notification to upload it.