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Limited Time Event—Coupon Distribution for NIO SGX Listing

1. Event Theme

Limited time event for coupon distribution for NIO SGX listing

2. Event Time

20 May 2022 at 00:00 SGT - 25 May 2022 at 23:59 SGT 

3. Eligibility

Invited clients of Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd.

4. Event Rules

Invited clients who enter the page can receive a S$2.2   stock cash coupon within a limited time period.

Each client can receive 1 coupon. 

Note: Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. has the right to revoke the event rewards obtained due to system loopholes, illegal operations, etc.

5. Restrictions on Coupon Use

5.1 The validity period of a coupon is 7 days, and the user must use it within 7 days after receipt. Coupons cannot be used once expired;

5.2 Received coupon can be viewed and used through [Me] - [Coupons].

5.3 The coupon can only be used when buying stocks (including ETFs) on the Singapore stock market. You can get cashback equal to the face value of the coupon after completing the stock purchase.

5.4 The specific restrictions and rules on the use of coupons are subject to the detailed information of the respective coupons.

6. Coupon Introduction

Stock cash coupons are coupons that award cash back to clients who complete a stock purchase.

After use, a cashback amount equal to the face value of the coupon will be credited to your account.

7. Other Terms and Conditions

7.1 To use this event reward, you must hold a corresponding Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. Securities account.

7.2 Participants agree that Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. has the right to revoke in their account the event rewards obtained from abnormal participation such as exploiting system loopholes, illegal operations, etc., without the need for additional authorization by the participant.

7.3 Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. has the final right to interpret this event within the scope of the law.

7.4 The data and data confirmation of this event are subject to Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd.'s backend system. In case of any disputes, the organizer Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. reserves the discretion of final decision.

7.5 This event does not constitute any offer, solicitation, suggestion, opinion or any guarantee for any securities, financial products or tools. Investment involves risks. Please read the relevant risk disclosure statement before investing.

7.6 This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority o