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Complete 3 missions to share the S$5000 prize pool

1. The theme of the event

The fund breaks through the barriers and shares SGD 5,000 in cash

2. Event time

May 18, 2022 - May 31, 2022

3. Activity object

moomoo customers

4. Activity Rules

Participate in the challenge of the corresponding level to light up the level; if all 3 levels are lit, you can get the qualification for sharing (there is a 1-3 minute delay in lighting the level, please wait patiently)

The challenge will end at 18:00 on May 31, and you will no longer be eligible to share. If any level is not lit before 18:00 on May 31, it will not be included in the division.

After obtaining the qualification for sharing, the system will automatically calculate the prize for you at 20:00 on May 31st. The amount to be shared = 5000SGD/number of people to be shared. After 20:00, you can enter the page to view the amount to be shared.

There are a total of 3 levels in the event: Explore Fortune, Answer Challenge, Vault Challenge, each level can get additional rewards

The current number of people participating in the division: that is, the number of people who are currently fully lit 3 levels and qualified for division

Each level can be challenged repeatedly during the challenge period. After refreshing, if a new record is created, the latest record shall prevail; if the original record is not broken, the original record shall prevail

4.1 Explore wealth

1. After browsing the Moomoo Money Plus introduction page, and click [Complete Exploration], the challenge is considered successful, and the level is lit to get corresponding 100 points;

2. If you exit while browsing the page, the challenge will fail and the level will not light up;

3. The level can be challenged repeatedly, and it will light up when completed. The reward of 100 points can only be obtained once.

4.2 The challenge of answering questions

1. Completing the quiz challenge will count as a successful challenge and the level will light up.

2. If you quit in the process of answering the question, the challenge will be considered a failure, and the level will not light up;

3. Complete the quiz challenge, answer different number of questions correctly within 20 seconds, and get different extra rewards. The rewards for different numbers are as follows:

//x<=6                    1 star 300 points 5 SGD Fund cash coupon

//6=<x<18              2 stars 50 points each 3 questions

//18<=x                  3 stars 1500 points 15 SGD Fund cash coupon

4. Participate in the answering questions repeatedly. If the re-challenged record falls into the next reward range than the original record, you can get new reward points, and the rewards in the original range cannot be obtained repeatedly;

5. If the re-challenge record ≤ the original record, the points and star rating will not change;

6. Types of prizes: 300 points, 50 points, 1500 points, 5 SGD fund cash coupons, 15 SGD fund cash coupons, the points can be used to redeem gifts in the points mall, and the fund cash coupons will be issued directly to your account, you can go to the card coupon center Check.

4.3 Vault Challenge

1. From 0:00 on May 18th to 18:00 on May 31st, the cumulative net subscription amount = total subscription amount - total redemption amount (Note: If the redemption amount is before the challenge deadline, the third stage may fail the challenge)

Cumulative Net Subscription Amount: The scope of application is the subscription amount of all funds. Only the subscription and redemption amount during the activity period is calculated.

2. When the cumulative net subscription progress bar reaches the specified interval, the corresponding rewards can be obtained. The rewards are as follows:

Net subscription amount [2k, 8k) - 1 star, 2.8 SGD cash red envelope

Net subscription amount [8k, 16k) - 2 stars, 10.8 SGD cash red envelope

Net subscription amount [16k, 80k) - 3 stars, 18.8 SGD cash red envelope

Net subscription amount [80k, 500k) - 4 stars, 32.8 SGD cash red envelope

Net subscription amount [500k+) - 5 stars, 150 SGD cash red envelope

3. The time period for the statistics of net subscription amount is from 0:00 on May 18th to 18:00 on May 31st. The rewards obtained are based on the net subscription amount at 18:00 on May 31st, and the rewards will be unified on June 10th. issued today.

4. The cumulative net subscription amount is based on the order amount of the confirmed shares. Please wait patiently for the fund shares that are being confirmed; in order to avoid the order amount not being included in the net subscription before the deadline, please try your best to place 4 trading days before the end of the event. one.

5. Types of prizes: 2.8 SGD cash coupons, 10.8 SGD cash coupons, 18.8 SGD cash coupons, 32.8 SGD cash coupons, 150 SGD cash coupons, the cash coupons will be issued directly to your account and can be viewed in the Card and Coupon Center.

5. Rewards (Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. has the right to revoke the activity rewards obtained due to abnormal participation such as system loopholes and illegal operations)

Points: can be used to redeem gifts in the Points Mall.

Fund cash coupon

[5 SGD Fund cash coupon]

Starting Amount: 10000SGD;

Scope of use: any fund product in Moomoo Money Plus;

Validity period: within 30 days from the date of issuance.

[15 SGD Fund cash coupon]

Starting Amount: 20000SGD;

Scope of use: any fund product in Moomoo Money Plus;

Validity period: within 30 days from the date of issuance.

Fund Cash coupons: 5 SGD cash coupons, 15 SGD cash coupons, applicable to orders whose transaction type is Subscribe. The discount method is cashback.

6. Other Terms and Conditions

1. Users must first meet the above conditions during the event to get the above rewards. Please refer to the relevant terms and conditions or consult customer service for details.

2. moomoo reserves the final decision in case of any dispute.

3. This event should not be regarded as any investment advice, advertisement or offer to distribute or sell, nor any recommendation for buying any securities, funds or other investments.

4. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.