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        Limited-time Welcome Rewards Activity

        Theme Activity

        Limited-time Welcome Rewards Activity


        August 15, 2022- 16:00 on September 30, 2022


        moomoo users

        Event Rules

        Users who enter the page during the event, and click the button can receive a 7% coupon for 30 days

        Note: Only users who enter the page during the event can get a Fund Coupon. Each user can only claim once.

        Reward Note:

        Fund Coupon:  30days 7% Fund Coupon

        Users who enter the page during the event, can click the button to get Fund Coupons. Each user can only claim once.

        Please check and use the Fund Coupon via 'My - Coupons - Fund Coupon'.

        Other Terms and Conditions

        1. Users must first meet the above conditions during the event to get the above rewards. Please refer to the relevant terms and conditions or consult customer service for details.

        2. moomoo reserves the final decision in case of any dispute.

        3. This event should not be regarded as any investment advice, advertisement or offer to distribute or sell, nor any recommendation for buying any securities, funds or other investments.

        4. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.