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        What documents can serve as proof of residential address

        To facilitate your account opening process, please provide one of the following documents in the form of a clear photo or screenshot containing the name of the issuing entity, your name, your full residential address, and an issue date within the last three months.


        1. Account Statement (Recommend)

        If you have opened accounts with a financial institution such as a bank, insurer, or broker, you may request a recent account statement which normally shows your name and address on the front page.

        2. Telecommunication Bill/ Utility Bill (Recommend)

        You may upload photos/screenshots of telecommunication bills or utility bills for electricity, water, internet, etc.

        3. Government-Issued Letters  (Recommend)

        For instance, you may upload your income tax notice of assessment.

        4. Residential Document

        You may upload photos/screenshots of a residential document such as lease, deed, mortgage statement, letter of address verification issued by your university/college, etc. The issue date of such documents can be extended to within the last six months.

        5. Employer-Issued Letters to Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd.

        You may request your employer to issue a letter of address verification which states your name and address.

        Please note that such letter should state clearly that it is issued to Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd..

        6. National ID Card 

        NRICs are acceptable only if they were not uploaded as proof of identity. Please make sure that your ID card is valid (not expired). 


        Note:  To facilitate your account opening process, please provide the proof of residential address in English or Chinese. Proof in other language is not acceptable.