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Cash Plus Trading Rules

1. Subscription

a. Deposit corresponding currency funds to moomoo universal account

b. Click [Subscribe] button at the bottom of Quoted Details page

c. Input your subscription amount and confirm the transaction

2. Income Arrival Time

Funds subscribed to Cash Plus will start to generate yield after the transaction is confirmed by the fund houses.

Income will be distributed on each trading day.

In the event of weekends and holidays, return of the confirmed units will be calculated as usual and will be accumulated to the next trading day. 

More info can refer to:

2.1 Estimated return arrival time will be shown when you confirm your subscription and after the subscription is successful.

2.2 Trading rules on Quoted Details page show the estimated time and more transaction related rules.

3. Redemption

Redeem holding Cash Plus at any time. After redemption, you can immediately use them to trade stocks, subscribe to new shares, and subscribe to funds. 

Funds arrival time can be found via Trading rules on Quoted Details page.

4. Restrictions

Buying restrictions: Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. may set a single-person buying limit based on the operation of the fund. For details, please refer to the notification on the subscription page; 

Redemption restrictions: In the event of a large-scale redemption of the fund, the fund house has the right to suspend the redemption to control the liquidity risk of the fund. The redemption may be delayed. In this case, you can try again on the next trading day.

5. Fees

The subscription and redemption fees for Cash Plus are 0. 

The fund house will charge a certain management fee, which is accrued from the fund assets, that is, the fund company has deducted the fee from the net value of the fund, and investors do not need to pay it separately in the transaction.