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        Introduction to Cash Plus

        1. Cash Plus

        Cash Plus mainly invest in relatively safe monetary instruments such as government short-term bonds and fixed-time bank deposit certificates and etc. 

        2. Characteristics

        2.1 Flexible Transaction

        Subscribe to Cash Plus with idle cash in Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. universal account.

        Redeem holding Cash Plus at any time. After redemption, you can immediately use them to trade stocks, subscribe to new shares, and buy funds (other than Cash Plus). The redeemed funds will arrive at T+0 or T+1, and you can check the trading rules for specific funds.

        2.2 Low threshold

        Start investing from 0.01 SGD/USD.

        2.3 Fee

        Transact for 0 subscription and redemption fee.

        2.4 Daily Renewed Income

        Income is renewed on each trading day.

        3. Are Cash Plus safe?

        Cash Plus is mainly invested in money market instruments of high security. The fund house does not guarantee that the fund will be profitable, nor a minimum return.