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Dividend fund

1. Dividend Fund

The main intention of the dividend funds is to provide investors with regular dividends. 

All the dividend funds provided by MOOMOO MONEY PLUS are cash dividend funds.

1.1 How to distinguish whether a fund is a dividend fund?

① The suffix "Dis" in the name of the fund means that the fund will pay dividends. 

② Visit the [Detailed Quotes] of the fund; if the icon in the upper right corner shows "Dis", it is a dividend fund; if it shows "Acc", the fund will not distribute dividends.

1.2 How do I find a dividend fund?

① Search for 「MDis」,「QDis」,「YDis」

② Visit [Money Plus] - [Fund] - [Filter] - [If Pay Dividend],Choose「Yes」

2. Frequency

MOOMOO MONEY PLUS has monthly-paid, quarterly-paid, and annually-paid dividend funds. You can visit [Detailed Quotes] > [Summary] > [Basic Information] to view the dividend payout frequency. 

3. Enrollment of the Dividend Payout

①  If you have positions on the record date, dividends will be distributed to your holding units.

② If there's notification on [Position Details] page showing "Cash dividend of xxx.xx will be issued on mm/dd", you're enrolled in the dividend payout.

4. Dividend Payout Flow

4.1 Record date

Any shareholder who owned shares on the record date will be enrolled in the dividend distribution.

4.2 Ex-Div date

Funds that pay dividends will reduce their NAV by the amount of the dividend being paid on the ex-div date; so you may see a situation where the net value decreases but the income on that day is positive. 

Dividend amount = Position units on the record day * Dividend per unit 

After the ex-dividend date, the estimated dividend amount will be classified as assets in transit; visit via [Trade] - [Securities Account] - ">" at top right - [Assets in Transit] - [Details]

4.3 Payment date

The dividend amount will be posted to your universal account on payment date. If you're enrolled in the dividend payout, notification "Cash dividend of xxx.xx will be issued on mm/dd" will be shown on [Position Details]. Time recived is subject to the processing of fund house and banks.