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How to cancel DDA arrangement for DBS/POSB account

If you want to cancel a DDA authorization, please follow the two steps below.


1. Delete your authorized account

Please log in to APP, click Accounts > More > Bank Account and go to the bank account details. By clicking Delete at the bottom, you can delete the account.


2. Cancel your authorization

2.1 You can log in to your DBS/POSB online bank, and click Pay > More Payment Services > Delete GIRO Arrangement to the start page.


2.2 Please choose the account you want to cancel the authorization and click Next.

2.3 You can review all authrizations and payment limits related to the chosen account. Please click MOOMOO FINANCIAL SG, enter the effective termination date, and clcik Next to submit your request.

2.4 Please confirm the details and click Submit to complete your cancellation. DBS/POSB bank will process your request and Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. will not be involved into your account setting process.