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Future trading and settlement

1. Currency


2. How to open a position

All futures contracts are traded with margin. Clients can open a position when the buying power exceeds the initial margin requirement. 

3. Order types

Limit, Stop Limit, Limit if Touched, and Trailing Stop Limit orders.

4. How to close a position

If a client has multiple positions of futures contracts, they will be closed in chronological order. The position held for the longest period will be closed first. 

5. Settlement methods

5.1 Cash settlement

Futures contracts that are not closed on the last trading day will enter the settlement stage. No further actions are required.                                                                                  

5.2 Physical delivery

Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. does not support the physical delivery of commodity futures. Clients need to close their positions before the First Notice Day or the Last Trading Day.