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        How to Deposit via Bank Transfer

        To make a deposit via bank transfer to your universal or beneficiary account, please follow the steps below.


        1. Access beneficiary details 

        Log in to the moomoo app and go to:

        ● Accounts > Transfers > Deposit > Select the Currency > Select the Bank (if applicable) > Bank Transfer

        After selecting Bank Transfer as a deposit method currency, you can view the details of moomoo SG's beneficiary bank accounts.

        If you have linked a DDA bank account, access the bank transfer page by going to:

        ● Accounts > Transfers > Deposit

        ● Scroll down and tap Other Deposit Method

        ● Select the Currency > Select the Bank > Bank Transfer


        2. Transfer to moomoo SG

        Moomoo SG only allows transfer of funds from your personal bank account, including joint bank accounts with your name. Moomoo SG does not accept transfers in cash, by cheque, or from a third-party bank account. Ineligible transfers will be returned, and any related fees will be borne by you.


        Transfer Notes

        ● Moomoo SG designates a unqiue beneficiary account number for each client. Please ensure you transfer funds to your exclusive beneficiary account. Otherwise, your deposit may be delayed or reversed.

        ● When making a USD/HKD transfer, please specify the currency you want to deposit. Otherwise some banks may automatically convert the currency of your transfer into SGD.

        ● When making a USD/HKD transfer via DBS/POSB Bank, please select "Overseas Transfer" or "DBS Remit" to initiate the transfer.


        3.  Process time and fees 

        TransferCurrencyEstimated Arrival TimeFee
        Domestic TransferSGDUsually 5 minutes during business hoursFree of charge by Moomoo SG.
        Service charges may apply from the other bank.
        Domestic TransferHKD, USD1-3 business days
        International TransferSGD, HKD, USD1-3 business days


        4. FAQs

        For more detailed information, please refer to the following articles:

        1)How to Deposit via Bank Transfer Using a Joint Account

        2)What Should I Do After Initiating a Transfer from a Third-Party Bank Account

        If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service by going to:

        ●  Me > Customer Service