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        What is Equity?

        Views 16K2023.11.01

        Imagine a company as a big pie, and equity is a slice of it.

        Key Takeaways

        • Equity refers to various rights and benefits shareholders enjoy in a company.

        • Equity is also called shareholders' equity, which is calculated by subtracting total liabilities from total assets.

        • Equity represents a wide range of rights, such as the entitlement to receive dividends, vote, and receive a distribution in liquidation.

        Understanding Equity

        Equity is the right of shareholders to obtain economic benefits from a company and participate in the company's operation and management.

        Equity represents the shareholders' ownership of a company. The ownership ratio determines a shareholder's power in the company's decision-making and how many dividends they can get. If you think of a company as a pie, the equity held by a single shareholder is a slice of it.

        In the balance sheet of a listed company, the equity of all shareholders is combined and presented as shareholders' equity. The formula is shareholders' equity = total assets - total liabilities.

        For example, for the third quarterly report that ended October 31, 2021, NVIDIA's total assets are $40.6B, whereas the total liabilities are $16.8B, so its shareholders' equity is $40.6B-$16.8B= $23.8B.

        Benefits of Equity

        Right to receive dividends

        The fundamental right of shareholders is to receive dividends according to their stake in a company.

        Voting power

        Voting power refers to shareholders' rights in decision-making on significant issues of a company. At the same time, shareholders also have the right to elect board members in a joint-stock company.

        Entitlement to have a distribution of liquidated assets

        Shareholders are entitled to a distribution when a company is liquidated. However, the premise is that the company's assets are more than its liabilities. 

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