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        *Data as of 10 July 2023. The indicative 7-day annualized yield is derived from the past performance of money market funds on Moomoo Cash Plus and should not be viewed as an indicator of future results.

        Enjoy high annualized returns on your idle funds with no lock-up period. Invest from S$0.01 and enjoy 0 subscription and redemption fees. 

        Moomoo Cash Plus

        Make the most of your idle cash

        Moomoo Cash Plus 6.8%* p.a.Guaranteed Returns up to 31 days *Moomoo SG will reimburse the returs to 6.8% p.a. in cash rewards if the selected fund retums is below 5.8% p.a. T&Cs apply.

        Welcome Bonus

        New users can choose either money market funds under Cash Plus to get 6.8% p.a.^ guaranteed rewards up to 31 days.

        Cash Plus — Excellent Cash Management Tool

        Moomoo SG selects money market funds with relatively stable returns, relatively low risk which can be traded conveniently

        Stable Wealth Growth

        Make Idle Cash Work

        Annualised yield of the USD Cash Plus up to 4.9% [1] No monthly negative returns in history [2]

        Hold a US$100K position for a year for a return up to US$5,011
        Cash Plus positions add to buying power

        With SmartSave, uninvested cash will be used to buy selected Money Market Funds from the Cash Plus automatically


        Cash Plus positions can be used to trade stocks directly
        Automatic repayment of financing interest and direct currency exchange in cross-market trading

        [1] Returns as of 10 July 2023. Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

        [2] The performance is based on the performance of Fullerton SGD Money Market Fund and CSOP USD Money Market Fund from August 4, 2021 to August 4, 2023

        Why choose Moomoo Cash Plus

        Idle cash appreciation


        Subscribe to Cash Plus with your idle cash and enjoy potential daily income.

        0 subscription, redemption and platform fees


        Management fees will be charged by the fund company which have been included in the net asset value (NAV) of the fund

        Quick Redemption


        Invested funds can be redeemed in a timely manner to buy and sell stocks

        Ultra-low threshold


        0.01 SG dollars, 0.01 US dollars to invest

        NASDAQ Listed

        MAS Licensed

        Top Fund Houses

        FUTU Holdings Ltd

        CMS License No. CMS101000

        Over 30 Global Leading Fund Houses

        How to subscribe

        Go to Funds > Cash Plus
        Choose a Fund to invest
        Click "Subscribe"
        Enter the Subscribe Amount
        Enter your password and complete the subscription


        • How to receive 6.8% p.a.?

        • When will the 6.8% p.a. bonus be issued?

        • Are my funds safe?

        • Is my Cash Plus position redeemable anytime?

        Extra S$5* Bonus New User Exclusive Moomoo Cash Plus Up to 30 days  "T&Ce apply. This adwertisement han not been rewlewnd by the Monetary Authorlty of Singapore. View Details