Fed's Bostic Sees Downward Path for Inflation

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Bloomberg 11/30/2023 01:12 · 12.1k Views

"I think we'll see further cooling of economic activity and inflation," Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic wrote in an essay released Wednesday. Mike McKee has more on "Bloomberg Markets."

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  • 00:00 Yesterday it was walla we now getting comments from botic what is rafieltic have to say for himself well the markets took bustics comments yesterday as a sign that maybe it wouldn't be higher for longer longer and today Raphael bustic is joining in that sort of conversation first comment gets to what Alex said about how confusing it is these days bustics as in an essay published today by the Atlanta f that one of our economists calls the current economic picture a roat test of.
  • 00:30 Licing signals you may see a dragon someone else he's a butterfly people will be talking about that analogy I'm sure but here's what he goes on to say that matches what waller was saying yesterday altogether the research data survey results and input from business contacts tell me that tighter monetary policy and tighter financial conditions more broadly are biting harder into economic activity at the same time I don't think we'VE seen the full effects of restrictive policy another reason I think we'LL see further cooling of.
  • 01:00 Economic activity and inflation so the two latest Fed speakers suggesting that maybe we are going to see the economy slow down enough that perhaps you could consider rate cuts althoughustic doesn't mention that in the same way that waller it.