The project of comprehensive treatment, reuse and zero discharge of industrial wastewater from China Light and Power Co., Ltd. and Environmental Protection (300172.SZ) joint pre-winning bid.

智通財經 ·  12/16/2021 18:46

Zhitong Financial App News, China Electric Power Environmental Protection (300172.SZ) notice that recently, the consortium with the company as the leader participated in the bid for the EPC general contract of the general wastewater treatment project of Baotong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The tenderer of the project is Baotou Iron and Steel Group Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Industry Co., Ltd. On December 16, 2021, the electronic procurement trading platform of Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. issued a public announcement of the winning candidates. The pre-winning bid amount is 384 million yuan (RMB, including tax), accounting for about 37.66 per cent of the total audited business income in 2020.

The announcement shows that the project will be a large-scale zero-discharge project undertaken by the company in the field of large-scale industrial water treatment, which further expands the company's wastewater treatment business in the metallurgical field. enhance the company's competitive advantage and market scale of the large-scale industrial water treatment business characterized by zero discharge of waste water, so as to enhance the company's brand awareness and market share, and will consolidate and promote the development of the company's industrial waste water treatment business. To provide support for the continuous improvement of the company's ability to manage the ecological environment.

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