Edenred and sunday join forces to develop a pay-at-table solution for restaurants in France

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Edenred, the leader in specific-purpose payment solutions (like Ticket Restaurant®, Ticket Mobilité, Kadéos and Télétravail Edenred) in France and worldwide, has joined forces with sunday, the world's fastest way to pay in restaurants thanks to a QR code on the table. The alliance will enable Edenred Ticket Restaurant® card users to pay their lunch bill in under ten seconds after eating, without even having to call the waiter.

By joining forces, Edenred and sunday are taking the digitalization of lunch breaks to the next level and providing Edenred Ticket Restaurant® card users in France with an innovative payment solution that is perfectly in line with new consumer restaurant habits.

Edenred is once again strengthening its position as the digital leader in the meal benefits market. The first issuer to offer mobile payments in 2016 with Apple Pay, and the first to allow users to take advantage of payment APIs to order on over 70 partner meal delivery platforms starting in 2018, Edenred today has more than 1.5 million active Ticket Restaurant® cards in France, available on MyEdenred super app'.

Edenred is the industry's digital pioneer in France. More than 7 million French employees now have access to Edenred's digital solutions in France and can use the MyEdenred super app' to enjoy a unique experience with Edenred's Ticket Restaurant®, Ticket Mobilité, Kadéos and Télétravail solutions.

A quick and easy contactless pay-at-table solution
Edenred Ticket Restaurant® embraces new QR codes

The health crisis has accelerated the shift to digital solutions at lunch and popularized the use of QR codes on restaurant tables to see the menu. With sunday, this technology can now be used to pay for meals in just seconds directly on a smartphone.

In particular, sunday will allow Edenred Ticket Restaurant® card users to get their check without waiting for a waiter to bring it to the table, split the bill, leave a tip and pay the total, all using digital means.

Patrick Langlois, General Manager at Edenred France, said: "I'm very pleased with this new partnership, which consolidates our digital leadership in the meal benefits market. Edenred is the first company in France to offer a comprehensive range of payment solutions suited to employees' new consumption habits, whether they're having lunch at the office, at home or in a restaurant. From cards and mobile payments to meal delivery and now QR code-based pay-at-table solutions with sunday, we are constantly innovating to offer an optimal user experience to our clients. All these services are now integrated to the MyEdenred super app', which gathers all our employee benefits solutions on a single platform to support our users throughout their day."

Nicolas Martin-Bouyer, General Manager, France at sunday, said: "This partnership with Edenred is a new milestone in sunday's growth and in the development of pay-at-table solutions. We want to make sunday available to as many people as possible, and Edenred is the world leader in the lunch break market, with over 1.5 million active Ticket Restaurant cards in France. Our partnership will address growing demand among consumers and restaurant owners for QR code payments, right at the table."

Saving valuable time for restaurant owners

For restaurant owners, this solution makes it possible both to adapt to new consumer behaviors and requirements resulting from the health crisis, such as contactless payment, and to save time – on average 15 minutes per table – before taking orders and when settling the bill. Tips are also more generous from app users (40% higher on average), who spend 12% more than other customers on average too.

Pay for lunch with Edenred Ticket Restaurant® and sunday in just seconds

  1. Simply scan the QR code on the table when you arrive at the restaurant to see the menu, and then again at the end of the meal to access the payment interface for the billl
  2. You can check that everything is in order, split the bill and pay directly on the sunday platform using your Edenred Ticket Restaurant® account, linked to the MyEdenred super app'.
  3. You receive a receipt to confirm payment.


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