东京中央拍卖 [01939] 现报0.9港元,下跌幅达 10.89%

Tokyo Central auction [01939] is now trading at HK $0.90, down 10.89%.

鳳凰網港股 ·  Nov 30, 2021 02:59

Phoenix New Media Hong Kong shares | Central auction in Tokyo as of 13:04[01939]The turnover was HK $30300, the highest price today was HK $1.02 and the lowest price was HK $0.90. According to yesterday's closing price, the 10-day average price was HK $1.02, the 50-day average price was HK $0.76, the current price-to-earnings ratio was 60.48, and the 14-day strength index was at 68.35.

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