North Water continued to sell Meituan over HK $1.1 billion, SMIC bought more than HK $900 million, and Nanshui sold nearly HK $600 million in Guizhou Moutai.

Moomoo News ·  Jul 30, 2021 06:20

On Friday, southbound Capital sold a net HK $1.595 billion today. Meituan received a net sale of HK $1.132 billion, Wuxi Biologics a net sale of HK $648 million, Tencent a net sale of HK $245 million, and a net purchase of more than HK $900 million for SMIC.

On Friday, Beixiang Capital bought a net 2.247 billion yuan today, of which Luzhou laojiao, Midea and Yili ranked in the top three, with net purchases of 606 million yuan, 556 million yuan and 553 million yuan, respectively.

The first three shares sold net were Guizhou Moutai, BYD and northern rare earths, which were sold for 573 million yuan, 347 million yuan and 281 million yuan respectively.

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