前日に動いた銘柄 part2 ジェイドグループ、サーバーワークス、ケミプロ化成など

Brands that moved the day before part 2 Jade Group, Serverworks, Chemipro Kasei, etc.

Fisco Japan ·  Apr 22 18:32

<コード>Stock name closing price on the 22nd ⇒ compared to the previous day

Micronics Japan <6871> 6500 -260

It is being pushed by the trend of overall semiconductor-related depreciation.

TOWA <6315> 9250 -400

Semiconductor-related products, including those related to generative AI, are cheap across the board.

Screen HD <7735> 16025 -785

Major semiconductor-related companies are rapidly depreciating.

Disco <6146> 47620 -2180

UBS Securities downgraded investment decisions along with Tokyo Elec.

Shibaura Mechatronics <6590> 5780 -260

Sales spread as part of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Tri Chemical Laboratory<4369> 3975 -155

It has a sales advantage as a small to medium semiconductor-related market.

Tokyo Electron <8035> 32450 -1080

Investment decisions were downgraded at UBS Securities.

Advantest <6857> 5269 -215

Major semiconductor manufacturing equipment is cheap across the board.

Organo<6368> 7030 -250

Is it sold as a semiconductor-related branch?

ANYCOLOR<5032> 2226 -64

The supply and demand side was also heavily updated with low prices.

Lhotse <6323> 24970 -840

Heading to fill the gap amidst the depreciation of semiconductor stocks.

SUMCO<3436> 2312.5 -49.0

It is pushed by a trend of depreciation in semiconductor stocks.

Nissan Motor <7201> 550.4 -11.0

The downward revisions to earnings had a negative impact.

Yamazaki <6147> 440 +80

Since the latter half of last week, they have been dealing with the price range of short-term funds in a hurry.

CHEMIPRO KASEI <4960> 479 +80

The rapid recovery in ordinary income for the January-March fiscal year was taken as material.

Avix <7836> 105 +14

Profit levels are at a high level due to upward revisions to earnings.

ServerWorks <4434> 2485 +264

The negative outlook for a drastic decline in profit also feels all over the place.

Pixel CZ <2743> 180 -35

Dilution due to implementation of finance is viewed negatively.

JET <6228> 3470 -400

It is affected by the depreciation of semiconductor-related stocks.

Kuramoto Seisakusho <5216> 254 -16

Profit-taking sales continue from a sense of reaching a higher price.

Techfirm Holdings<3625> 609 +100

Start providing a 3D model generation solution service using AI.

Clear <2998> 4200 +310

Invest in a logistics facility development project near Sydney, Australia.

Fusic<5256> 3275 +100

Partner agreement with Mapbox Japan for digital map development.

United <2497> 849 +15

We have invested in spatial sound technology Klepsydra and Kiwami, a VR clerk solution.

Jade Group <3558> 1405 +148

Buybacks spread in response to the decline until the previous weekend.

Agile <6573> 151 -22

Disgusted with tightening regulations on margin trading.

Ecomot <3987> 516 -37

Profit was determined sales due to the reaction of high price updates following the previous weekend.

Morpho <3653> 1728 +28

Research and development began with the University of Tokyo and the practical application of Devanagari character OCR.

ENECHANGE<4169> 476 -39

The president sold part of his shares.

L is B<145A> 968 +68

President and CEO Yokoi emphasized “growth while maintaining a surplus” on the investor channel.

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