Can Magnificent 7 Help Script Market Turnaround? Earnings Pick Up Pace With Microsoft, Meta, Alphabet And Tesla Expected This Week

Benzinga ·  Apr 21 17:45

As the market runs into rough weather, the importance of the upcoming week's earnings cannot be emphasized enough. A lot is riding on the earnings reports of companies likeTesla, Inc.(NASDAQ:TSLA),Meta Platforms, Inc.(NASDAQ:META),Microsoft Corp.(NASDAQ:MSFT) andAlphabet, Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOGL) (GOOG).

The Season So Far:The percentage of S&P 500 companies that have reported positive earning surprises and the magnitude of earnings surprises are at or above their 10-year averages, said FactSet in its report released Friday. That said, substantial downward revisions to earnings per share (EPS) estimates of two healthcare companies...

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